Construction + Design Consultation

$675.00 USD

(Plus applicable taxes)

This consultation package is designed specifically for new home buyers, renovators or flippers.
Did you purchase, or are you considering purchasing,  a home that needs a facelift? Or are you flipping a house and are in need of an overall design concept? If you are looking for a construction approach to design, we can help with that! We have partnered with trade professionals to offer design consultations with a construction bent.
During this up to 1.5 hour consultation Kelly, along with Jim Vaccaro of Vaccaro Construction, will walk through your new home purchase, or potential purchase, to review your design plans and goals. We will take photographs, measurements and notes in order to provide you with a design concept paired with a construction overview.  We will share our thoughts and ideas on how to best implement changes to create a home and investment that serves your goals. **If a structural engineering plan is required, this will be an additional cost.**
Upon completion of the Real Estate Consultation we will create a Consultation Report PDF that will be emailed to you. This report will contain:

  • notes from our consultation
  • inspiration photos that represent what we reviewed
  • suggestions for how you can best reach your design goals
  • a proposal for how we can assist you
  • trade estimates for implementing design concepts