Design Meeting

$325.00 USD

(Plus applicable taxes)

This is the next step following our telephone chat.
During your Design Meeting we will spend up to one hour walking through your space(s) either in person or remotely (in the case of E-Design).  While meeting with you, we will be taking notes and photographs, asking questions regarding your goals for the space(s), and offering ideas and solutions to address areas of concern.
Upon completion of the Design Meeting we will create a customized Consultation Report PDF that will be emailed to you. This Report will contain:

  • all the notes from our meeting;
  • inspiration photos that represent what we reviewed;
  • suggestions for how you can best reach your design goals;
  • general estimates so you will know how to plan for your project;
  • and a proposal for how we can best assist you.

Please note that the report does not include floor plans and sourcing of product, rather inspiration images and conceptual ideas for the space are discussed. All consultations are non-refundable and non-transferable.