SLD Finds- A Little Luxe for Spring

We have all been home a lot more than usual, so we have collected some luxe items (though not luxe in price!) to make home more comfortable. Treat yourself while awaiting the warmer Spring weather! We have provided embedded links directly to the sources, so you can shop our favorite finds through each retailer.
CHECK OUT by clicking on the PURCHASE link and you will be prompted to create a MyDoma studio account, which is our secure design software partner that allows us to provide you with direct links.
PLEASE NOTE, we do our best to keep track of stock for items, however some products may be backordered or sold out at times.
ADDITIONALLY, you can find the Luxe selections under the DELIVERABLES tab. OPEN all PDFs under Deliverables, then directly click on products in the document to be taken to the product source to view and/or purchase.
LASTLY, if you would like assistance with a Spring Refresh of your space, we welcome you to contact us via the Let's Chat link.